You no longer find yourself trying to remember things

Sparkler is your external memory. It remember things for you, such as meeting notes, web pages, to-do's

Whole new way of information saving

Capture every inspiration!


Store notes, web clips, images, files and many more. Smartly save your annotations and securely store your passwords

Your own mind map

Sparkler stores information on an interactive map so you can both explore around or pinpoint search and grab what you need


With predictive tags, it takes only few clicks for saving information and every information node finds its own place on the map

What is Sparkler?

Sparkler is a quick information saving application that allows to store varied different types of information such as notes, web clips, files, images and many more.

Storing information

Unlike clunky note-taking apps, Sparkler doesn't stores these information in a nested file structure. It stores and visualize these information nodes on an interactive map.
We call these nodes 'sparks'.

Retrieving information

Sparks are stored with predictive 5W tags (who, what, when, where, why) so just like human, mind even if you can't remember the label or the container, you can just use the relations for retrieving the information.

Pricing plans

Designed to fit your needs

Basic Plan


  • 60MB Monthly Upload Limit
  • 100 Sparks for Maximum Usage
  • Sync Allowance: 2 Devices
  • No Collaboration Spaces
  • Community Support
Most Popular
Premium plan

$8.99/ Month

  • 10GB Monthly Upload Limit
  • 5000 Sparks for Maximum Usage
  • Sync Allowance: Unlimited
  • No Collaboration Spaces
  • 24/7 Live Support
Business Plan

$15.99/ Month

  • 20GB + 2GB/user Monthly Upload
  • Unlimited Sparks
  • Sync Allowance: Unlimited
  • Unlimited Collaboration Spaces
  • 24/7 Live Support

Sparkler FAQ

We got you covered, check those faq if its not there just ask us.

As humans we need to remember things on our daily lives such as passcodes, TODOs, the movie name that our friends recommend, the slide in a keynote presentation which contains a crucial piece of information...

We are taking snaps, using note taking and bookmarking apps, write down things on sticky notes...

But non of these methods are effectively solving the problem of organizing large amounts of information. Because it's not an easy task, even if you're a trained productivity expert.

Sparkler is the ultimate solution. With Sparkler nothing fall through the cracks anymore!

We are living in an information era yet we couldn't manage to find a way for storing and retrieving information with machine intelligence.

At the end of the day most of us still end up with a messy desktop or a camera roll which contains a lot of random snaps and screenshots or an inconveniently organized note taking app. It is painful to retrieve information from this poorly organized systems.

We tried every single solution out there! All of them are trying to put an order to 'this chaos'. But we believe this chaos comes from our very own human nature. So what we are doing different is we are keeping this chaotic nature and we are giving you the tool for hacking it to your advantage.

App is still under developement. If you want to be a beta user, shoot us an email!

We love hearing ideas. What are you waiting for? Shoot us an e-mail!


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